CDS Coil Protection Par Exellence
Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Track Mount System
Smart Energy Efficient Buildings
Leading-Edge Technologies That Make It Happen
Intelligent Wireless Lighting Control
14 Circuits Wirelessly Combined Into 2 Zones
Advanced Building Technologies
For New & Existing Building Design & Operation
Energy Harvesting Sensors & Controls
Tapping Into the Ocean of Unused Energy
Cottonwood Filters Improve Laminar Airflow in Cooling Towers
Optimizes Cooling Tower Performance & Energy Savings in Chillers
Achieving Great Performance
You can't manage what you don't measure
HVAC&R Cottonwood Filters
Save Compressors, Energy, Maintenance & Repairs, Coil Cleaning
Air-Cooled Condenser Coils Easily Kept Clean
Cottonwood Filters Inside & Out
Building Integration is Easy to Accomplish
Retrofit with Wireless Sensors & Controls
UVGI Keeps the Air Clean & Safe in Medical Center
UV Coil, Surface, Upper Room & Air Disinfection
Cottonwood Filter Protection
Improves Cooling Tower & Chiller Plant Performance
Building Performance & Certification
Cloud Based Monitoring, Commissioning & Control
Cloud-Based Fault Detection & Diagnostics
Don't Pay the High Cost of Deferred Maintenance: Identify & Correct Problems First
A New Horizon Dawns
For All Small & Medium Size Buildings in Kansas & Missouri
Energy Costs Are Rising
Get Complete Control of Lighting, HVAC & Energy
Warren Electric Duct Heaters
Cold? Stay Warm & Comfortable All Winter Long
Covering Kansas City with Cottonwood Filters
RTU's, Air-Cooled Chillers, Cooling Towers & Intake Air Louvers

Advanced Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings Inside & Out



Unique technologies that help you improve your bottom line every day for the life of the building. / Document the design. / Measure and verify actual building operation. / Track energy use. / Optimize performance. /  Reduce energy consumption. / Correct system operation and maintenance issues.


Wireless Sensors & Controls – Building Automation’s Missing Link

EnOcean Self-Powered & ZigBee Pro Wireless Sensors & Controls for: Lighting, HVAC&R, Metering, Sub-metering, Occupancy & Plug Loads with secure, multi-site cloud access.

Cottonwood Air Intake Filter Screens & Hail Guards:

Air-Cooled Chillers & Condensers, VRV/VRF Systems, Rooftop Units, Split Systems, Dry-Coolers, Fluid Coolers, Cooling Towers & OA Louvers

MBCx Measurement & Verification Systems – Remote Management:

Remote Access & Control of HVAC&R, Lighting, IAQ, Electric, Gas & Water, Ongoing Commissioning

Air Cleaning & Disinfection:

UV, UVGI Upper Room, Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)

Advanced Technologies for Building Operation & Certification:


Air Filtration:

NanoFiltration, TriDim, Pre-Filters, Final Filters, High-Efficiency Filters, Gas Phase Filters, Spray Booth Filters, Specialty Filters & Services, Air Cleaners & Housings, Filter Selection Guide, HEPA Filters for AHU’s & Cleanrooms, MERV 13-16, MERV 9-12, MERV 5-8, MERV 1-4

Schneider Electric HVAC&R Solutions

Reduce the Energy Consumption of Your Air-Cooled Chillers
Reduce energy consumption by up to 20-25% while extending your chiller’s and condenser’s useful life and reduce life-cycle cost.

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